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Take me to that country road!


from my new happy place. i hope everyone is safe and healthy. I have been doing alot of my healing from this beautiful view right here. This is Dorthy Lake in the High Sierra Mountains of California. With the way the world is right now im not sure how the future of restaurants will be, as much as i love cooking for everyone who has enjoyed my food, i feel i need a new direction.

Being here in this outdoor wonderland has been amazing, i have learned to milk a cow on a daily basis, make butter from her cream, make homemade ice cream, buttermilk biscuits from scratch, and so many other great things that i never had time to even think about making. Doing all this in Higher elevation has also been a challenge, lol so yes there were some mistakes!

Last week i got my first big order for my Shack Sauce BBQ (Thank you Austin Family in Michigan!) and was so thrilled that there are people out there that are excited about having my sauces for their own. I Believe this gave me the boost i needed to continue on my way to get everyone a taste of some great sauces, spices, dressings and aioli's.

My time up here on the mountain is almost done, so i will be focusing on doing more videos on how to, creating more great sauces and dressings, and trying to get better at keeping up with my blog and giving you guys fun and great food.

One thing i forgot to say, cooking up here for the ranch hands i have had some challenges, cooking for Vegan -Vegetarians, yup their up here too! as well as Gluten free alternatives. I always want to make everyone feel included in everything i make so that made it a bit challenging, and watching what i am putting in the food that i am preparing and how it is cooked. All that i have learned i will be sharing it with all of you. Its hard to keep up to date and posted up here with limited service, but will try my best to keep it going.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and still does, i want to also say being a part of Venture Active Healing and Wellness has also brought some renewed vision for me. Healing through Food is what i will be focusing on and how cooking, can be very therapeutic, and getting your spouse or your kids involved in the process. Bring back the way it used to be put your phone's down and concentrate on who is in front of you. Tomorrow is not promised, so spend as much quality time with loved ones as you can. I feel if you take the time to make someone something from your hands and heart, it will make them feel special and they will remember it for years to come.

Chef Shelly

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