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Restaurant industry is changing and as a chef, it's been really hard to figure out what to do, Restaurants themselves are going under major changes from indoor dining to all take out and dinning outside. It hasn't an been easy transition for most of us simply because with minimal hours that restaurants are open they can run with a skeleton crew, no need for us chef's in most cases. So for some of us we are trying to figure out what to do with our talent and time.

As for me I am working on a couple of things, for all my supporters out there I am still selling my sauces online, which i have been fulfilling orders, which has been good. I am also doing an open event on November 21, 2020 that all can come out and support. Will be doing food and have a line of sauces, spices, and dressings for purchase.

I have just finished a business plan to move forward to start a fundraising campaign to open up a place of my own. I know these are not the best of times but this does not mean I or anyone should give up on our dreams that we have. This is going to be a scary road but I am putting all my trust and prayers in GOD, that he is not going to steer me wrong. I have tried to take different roads to do different things and roads just keep getting shut down or blocked, but the one that leads to me working on my dream is always open, so I will push forward with my efforts to do my best to become a part of a community to bring you some really great food.

Now that the Holidays are around the corner wanted to share a couple of things. Sauces, Spices, and homemade dressing's are always a great gift for those who love to make incredible meals. Please visit to get your favorite's for your friends and family.

Thanks for everyone's support it is truly appreciated.

P.S. My daughter feels I should do a cooking class on facebook live! So what dishes would you like to see? Let me know so I can schedule one out soon.

Chef Shelly

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