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February is Bday Month

So my 50th bday is coming and i am so excited about this year!! I am entering in a chef competition, my first ever, and hopefully more to come. I have decided to make this my year of just being involved, in great things. taking time to smell the roses, watch the waves and just take it all in. My Grand kids are getting old and my kids are getting even Older, LOL. so definitely want to enjoy more of life. As most of my friends know i tend to be a workaholic, but when you love what you do what else is there sometimes, but i have discovered there is more to life than just going to work. I had someone tell me the other day that i heal people with my food, I nourish them with the love that i put in everyone of my dishes and when i sat to think about it i guess i do. No one ever leaves my table, on empty.

I hope this year brings great things for everyone, and we all look forward to love and the pursue of fun, happiness, and to pursue good food. i hope to see everyone i know this year at some point in time even if it's a quick hello.

Lots of Love

Chef Shelly

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