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New Year Great Things

So in the restaurant business this time of year is slow. Most of us love it because it gives us time to relax, and sit back and do things that we don't get to do during the time when everyone else is in town.

This year i want to make it about good food ( whether good for you or not), good friends, and enjoying life. I have been reflecting on my career and it has been a long one, the trials that some people have put me through good and bad. The people that have been there to guide me along the way and the ones that i was a proud Mama and they have gone on to become great KM , Chefs or somewhere in the industry. including my own little ones. So funny they are not so little any more.

So this Journey this year i am going to focus on fun, doing things that i love to do, or want to do explore other regions, and hope to make it home sometime this year to see my home of where i grew up that i have not seen since i was a little girl.

I plan on getting back to taking lots of pictures, and of my adventures, telling about my tales, getting into the San Diego farmers markets to sell Shelly's Shack Sauces, and see where that takes me.

Food has been my passion for a long time but i need to expand my knowledge on cooking and see whats out there. i hope you will follow me on this journey, it should be interesting considering im not the most flexible about trying new things, LOL.

February is my Favorite Month

Living Life to its Fullest


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