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Turkey Day

Hi everyone

Well leading into turkey day there is a lot of preparation. What size turkey your going to buy, what sides you want to make, do you want to make it a traditional thanksgiving or shake it up a bit, deep fried, bbq, roasted.

In my house- hold we always shake it up. With five kids and five grand kids, you are going to find that you cant please everyone.

With me being Hispanic i love to make rice and beans almost at every meal. It was a staple when i was growing up. Since my grandmother has passed away this last week i think Im going to make our thanksgiving in honor of her. She would've been 100 years old on Dec. 16. I am missing her a lot and thinking of all the foods she introduced me to when i was young.

So on this Journey to Thanksgiving I will be posting my most favorite things that i want to make this Holiday season.

Right now im starting with dessert, best way to plan a meal start at the finish line and work your way back. LOL

So i was asked to make a fall dessert and most of you who know me i dont like to bake but i do make a mean cheesecake and apple crisp. So i decided to combine the two. The crust is gramcracker, and walnuts, with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. The cheesecake is traditional with a hint of brandy. So then i decided to top it with sliced apples that i baked with the reamaing gramcracker crust, cinnamon, brown sugar, and caramel.

I think this is my fall all wrapped up in one. If you dont want to make one your self come by and see me and have a slice before it's all gone.

Thanks for stopping by

Chef Shelly

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