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World Series


First of all congrats to Chicago and Cleveland for making it into the wold series. Being not a huge baseball fan i have to look at it as okay another reason to make a special.

there is always something going on during the year that just makes you think what can i make to make watching nine innings of a baseball game fun. I always think of food.

So when you look up a authentic Chicago dog, it's pretty intense. They also say if you don't build it the way it's supposed to be built in the same exact order then it's not a Chicago dog.

Are folks from the Mid West that particular on how their dog is built? Just curious

Well i"m hoping to have some fans in to test it out.

The Cleveland Dog is super simple

Cleveland is a polish dog, cole slaw, french fries, bbq sauce. on a bun

Chicago is regular dog, mustard, tomato wedges, mustard, sliced yellow peppers, sliced pickle spears,choped onions and a dash of celery salt. This comes on a sesame bun, hope fully i didnt forget anything.

They both sound fun to make looking forward to trying them both. Thanks for stopping by Chef Shelly

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